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Monday, November 4, 2013

Prudence by Michele Kimbrough @Madambition

[from part of chapter 2]

She grabbed her robe from the bedside chair and slid her recently pedicured feet into her slippers. She turned around and gazed at James who pulled the covers over his eyes to block the blossoming daylight. When they met eleven years ago, his hair was thick and curly. Now it was thinning at the crown forming a small bald spot. His once jet black hair was graying slightly at the temple with speckles of gray throughout. She liked the salt and pepper look on him. He looked even more distinguished than before.

Pru made her way to the bathroom to run the water for her shower, allowing it to warm up. She stood in front of the mirror which hung over the sink that now had small spatters of toothpaste on the lower half. She reached under the sink for the Windex wipes and cleaned the mirror then looked closer at her reflection. Her brown hair with spiraled tight curls was disheveled, matted, even. I hate my hair. She thought back to earlier years when she’d awaken before James in order to freshen up, brush her hair, and even add a little gloss to her lips and a light touch of blush to her cheeks, giving her a morning glow. Now, James was lucky if she got up to brush her teeth before kissing him.

She tapped her iPod docked on the rack above the commode. A few moments later Marvin Gaye’s velvety voice was crooning Let’s Get It On.  As she disrobed to step into the shower, she heard James’ footsteps thumping against the wood floor. She smiled. Ah, movement. He won’t be late again. She hoped he’d get the coffee started. Instead, he crept behind her, grabbing her breasts into the palm of his hands. His erection pressed against her back. He leaned down to kiss her neck and worked his way to her ear, whispering in tune with Marvin, “let’s get it on, sugar, let’s get it on, ooh ooh ooh”. His breath was warm and moist against her cheek. His tongue outlined her earlobe just before he planted a wet one close to but not on her ear. She pulled away.

“Come on, James. You’re going to be late.”

He grimaced and continued to caress her naked body while singing along with the Motown classic.

“Really, James. Why don’t you go start the coffee, babe?”

His advances were usually welcomed but it was more important to get him out of her condo on time. He couldn’t be late anymore. Besides, Pru was growing weary of the same old routine. Perhaps the right word to use would be bored. He didn’t excite her like he used to. Sure, he was sexy and desirable, and she mostly felt lucky that he wanted her. But something was brewing deep down in her subconscious or maybe it was in her gut or her heart; it was certainly somewhere out of reach. She couldn’t quite get to it, pull it out, or give it a name. Yet, she felt it, like the aches that came before the rain.


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Genre - Romance, Interracial

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