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Friday, November 22, 2013

Author Interview – James Shipman @jshipman_author

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How do you work through self-doubts and fear?

I try to work through periods of fear by working even harder on the thing I’m afraid of and taking it on head on.  I tend to just go for it sometimes when I’m afraid to do something.  That either goes amazingly well or horrifically wrong.

What scares you the most?

Bees and heights.  The worst case scenario would be running into a bees next while clinging to a cliff wall.

What makes you happiest?

I love working hard and having something come together, particularly after months or years without any success.  Of course immediate instant success is nice as well.

What’s your greatest character strength?

Resilience.  I definitely feel I’m able to bounce back and keep going when things try to take me down in life.

What’s your weakest character trait?

Concentration.  I have first team, all conference adult attention deficit disorder (undiagnosed).  I can do 318 things at the same time, but I can’t do one thing.


In 1453 Constantinople is the impregnable jewel of the East. It has stood as the greatest Christian city for a millennium as hordes have crashed fruitlessly against its walls.

But Mehmet II, the youthful Sultan of the Ottoman Turks, has besieged the city. His opponent is Constantine XI, the wise and capable ruler of the crumbling Eastern Roman Empire. Mehmet, distrusted by his people and hated by his Grand Vizer, must accomplish what all those before him have failed to do: capture Constantinople. To prove that he deserves the throne that his father once took from him, Mehmet, against all advice, storms the city. If he fails, he will not only have failed himself and his people, but he will surely lose his life.

On the other side of the city walls, the emperor Constantine must find a way to stop the greatest army in the medieval world. To finance his defenses, he becomes a beggar to the Pope, the Italian city-states, and the Hungarians. But the price for aid is high: The Pope demands the Greeks reunite the Eastern and Western churches and accept the Latin faith. If Constantine wants aid for his people he must choose between their lives and their souls.

Two leaders, two peoples, two faiths battle for their future before the mighty walls of Constantinople.

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Genre – Historical Fiction

Rating – PG

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