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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lee Tidball – My Publishing Journey – Part Three

My Publishing Journey; To There and Back Again” – Part Three

by Lee Tidball

“And now, for the thrilling climax to our brave writer’s journey, as he travels into a whole new area of writing.  Will he ever get ‘back again?’  Let’s continue…”

Actually, writing movies had always been the ultimate dream.  I’d loved going to the movies since I was a kid, and longed to see my stories up there on a screen.  I just didn’t know how to do it.  Fueled by the new discipline I’d developed writing my novel, and my friend, who got the jump on me and wrote his first screenplay before I’d even started mine, I dove into this craft with both feet and a ball-and-chain sinker.

That was ten years ago, and I’m still at it.  Interestingly enough, the even more frustrating work of marketing a screenplay, no matter how good it is, has driven me into networks of like-minded writers; people dying for others to share their stories, but unable to due to the marketing whims of the Hollywood machine.  And that has led me back, ironically enough, to novel-writing, this time using my screenplays as guides to putting my screen stories into book form.  Through my screenwriting networks, I’ve met a small press publisher who knows and respects me, and that person introduced me to another such publisher, and thus I now have two of those screenplays on the market as novels; this time legitimately, at the publisher’s expense, and with their marketing help.  I was able to retire from teaching a couple years ago, and now devote full-time to my writing career, and that’s opened even more possibilities.  Am I now rich or famous or on the shelf of every bookstore in the country?  No, but you can sure find my books on the Internet (that “fledgling technology” has come a long way since 1998), and so now I truly can share my work with anyone in the world, and my sales prove that I indeed have!  And I look forward to even more success in the future.

Writing still takes lots of work, discipline, time, and, once you produce a product, marketing effort that I’m only scratching the surface of now.  And yes, it can be very discouraging at times.  But is it worth it?  Oh yes…ever bit.  For my childhood dreams are now coming true, and there’s very little in all the world that can beat that feeling of pride and accomplishment.

Oh, and my first novel, Windfork Secrets?  It will soon become my third published novel; re-edited, polished up, and this time because it was selected for publication by a professional editor working for an independent small-press “new media” publisher, not because I paid someone to do that work for me.  I can’t wait for it to come out so I can introduce its characters to you!


“Imagine the unimaginable.”

That was the mantra of young prodigy Hector Chevas’s mentor in architectural design, Gellini. But even Gellini couldn’t imagine the horrors that his prize student and adopted son would fill Suburbia’s new Heartland Mall with to wreak revenge on those who killed Gellini and murdered Hector’s only friends. “Black Friday” was never blacker.

But Hector couldn’t imagine that, in the middle of his deathly rampage, an “angel” from his past would re-appear into his life; wild-child Janey, whose life he’d saved years before, and who’d never forgotten her promise to “always love him…for reals.” But was that love strong enough now to learn the unimaginable truth; to call Hector’s “dead” soul back to life and resurrect him from his mad plunge into oblivion?

MALLED is a story filled with tragedy, terror, raw emotion, unspeakable horrors, and, above all, the awesome power of ferocious, undying love. Go for it. Get into it. Dare to “imagine the unimaginable.”

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Genre –  NeoGothic Horror / Thriller

Rating – R for violence & language

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