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Thursday, July 24, 2014

C. D. Verhoff (Galatia #Series) on Writing & Happiness @CDVerhoff #Fantasy #AmWriting

What scares you the most? 
Having my fears used against me scares me.
What makes you happiest? 
Spending time with loved ones, Christmas, warm chocolate chip cookies, a clean house, alone-time to work on story, French vanilla cappuccino, the sound of summer rain against the roof, the first snow fall, autumn leaves, the crackle of a fire in the hearth, cozying with the kids on the couch to watch a movie, a good book, those rare moments in prayer when I feel God’s presence, walking through an old cemetery, making a book sale, getting a good book review, finding a ten dollar bill left in my coat pocket from last winter, reminiscing about younger days with old friends, enjoying a good meal that I didn’t have to make myself.
What’s your greatest character strength? 
What’s your weakest character trait?
Lack of discipline.
Why do you write? 
I’m addicted. When a scene comes together, it gives me a high. When I’m forced to stay away from my computer too long, I get jittery until I get my daily fix of wordage. The compulsion sometimes interferes with my other responsibilities—housework, social life, and even my health. Writing is my blue meth, I guess.
Have you always enjoyed writing? 
I’ve always enjoyed writing fiction. The same can’t be said for high school and college research papers—blech.
What motivates you to write? 
I get off on creating new worlds, new people, and tormenting them. Mwah, ha, ha.
What writing are you most proud of?
Glory Alley and the Star Riders. I wrote the skeleton of the book, from beginning to the end in less than three days. Didn’t eat, didn’t sleep, it was as if the story poured into me from some other realm. I haven’t had the same experience with any of my other books.
What books did you love growing up? 
As an elementary school student, I liked the Betsy-Tracy books, The Ramona Books, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Here Lies the Body, A Wrinkle in Time and most books by Judy Blume. In  middle school and high school, I was into Piers Anthony, Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey, J.D. Salinger and J.R.R. Tolkien.
Who is your favorite author? 
From a purely entertainment standpoint, I’d have to say Dean Koontz. I like the way he portrays ordinary people in heroic ways. With Dean as the guide, when realistic people get thrust into bizarre situations, it’s always a fun trip. He frequently contrasts the worst of the human condition against the best and the latter usually wins out. I like that kind of optimism.
What genre of books do you adore? 
Give me interesting characters, a strong plot, a fast pace, an interesting conflict and I can adore any genre.

The last survivors of the human race are riding out nuclear winter in an underground bunker when disaster strikes. Forced to the surface centuries ahead of schedule, what they find blows their minds. Who can explain it? Two social misfits work together to unravel the mystery.
After living in a posh underground shelter his entire life, Lars Steelsun is plunged headfirst into a mind-blowing adventure on the surface of the Earth. As Lars and his displaced bunker mates are led across the grasslands by Mayor Wakeland, a man of questionable sanity who claims to talk with God, they discover a primitive world where human beings are no longer welcome. Even more mystifying is the emergence of new senses and abilities from within. Learning to use them has become a priority, but his biggest challenge comes from the vivacious Josie Albright. Her lust for glory is going to get them both into trouble. Sparks fly when her gung ho ways clash with his cautious personality. Can they overcome their differences to find love and a homeland for their people?
May not be suitable for younger readers. Contains mild profanity, sexual situations (infrequent), and violence. 
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Genre - Epic Fantasy
Rating – R
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