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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Secret Words (Secret Dreams Book 1) by Miranda P. Charles

Kane kept a discreet distance as Jasmine's companion led her to a quiet corner outside the ballroom.  He stopped behind a post, hidden from their view.  It was rude to eavesdrop on a private conversation but he wanted to make sure Jasmine was okay.

"Listen to me, Tim," he heard her say with controlled anger.  "I am not going to put up with you touching me like you just did."

"I'm sorry, sweet pea," the guy called Tim droned.  "You know I'm just hot for you."

Kane's hands fisted at his sides.  He didn't like the way the punk talked.  But he stayed where he was.  Jasmine might not appreciate him interfering.

"Stop calling me sweet pea!" Jasmine cried.  "Do you realise how drunk you are already?  You are at my sister's wedding, Tim.  Please behave yourself.  And please leave me alone."

"All I want is one chance with you, Jasmine.  Just one.  Please," the jerk whined.

"I'm sorry, but no."

Jasmine's voice was firm and Kane felt proud of her.

"Well, I have two weeks to wear you down," Tim said smugly, his tone turning into something more sinister.

"What do you mean?"

"I took a couple of weeks off work so I could stay here in Sydney with you."

"What?  I'm not going to spend any time with you so you might as well go back to Melbourne." Jasmine replied, her voice losing some of its bravado.

"I heard you'll be all alone in Jessa and Rob's big house while they enjoy their honeymoon.  You might want a warm body to keep you company," the creep slurred suggestively.

That's it.  This has gone on long enough.  Kane stepped out and showed himself.

"Jaz.  There you are.  I've been looking for you."  He reached out for her.

"Kane!" Jasmine cried as she practically ran to him.

His breath hitched as he put his arm protectively around her shoulders.  "Everything okay?"

Jasmine nodded, smiling up at him with grateful eyes.

He turned his attention to the other man.  "Hi, I'm Kane Summers," he said coldly, not even gesturing for a handshake.

"Well, well, Kane Summers.  Who might you be?  Her new boyfriend?" Tim asked with a sneer.

"Yes," he responded, the lie rolling off his tongue easily.

Tim glared at Jasmine, his lips twisting with contempt.  "You give everyone else a turn, Jasmine.  But not me.  What do they have that I don't?  A bigger bank account?"

Kane took a menacing step towards the jerk but stilled when Jasmine clutched his arm.

"Kane, it's Jessa's wedding," she whispered frantically.

He took a deep breath and held back.  He understood why Jasmine wouldn't want her sister's night to be ruined by a fight between two of her guests.  But another word from the intoxicated idiot and he might do something he'd regret.

"You should leave now, Tim," Jasmine said quietly.  "Unless you want both our fathers to hear about this." 

"Fine.  But I'm not done with you yet, Jasmine," Tim threatened as he ambled towards the exit.

Kane felt Jasmine sag against him.  With relief, he assumed.

"You okay?" he asked, tightening his arm around her.

"Yeah.  Sorry.  I'm just glad he left."

"Who the hell was he?"

"That was Tim Smith, the son of one of my dad's business partners.  He's been pursuing me for a while now but I'm just not interested.  I think he got really ticked off when I dated his friend George a few months ago.  Since then, he's been really intense and pushy."

"So his parents are here tonight too?"

"No.  His dad's not well so they couldn't attend.  He's here by himself."

"You shouldn't have come out here all alone with him, Jasmine," he rebuked.

"He's never tried anything inappropriate before.  But I must admit he spooked me a little bit tonight."

"Shouldn't you tell your dad about him?"

"No.  There's no need.  He's gone now."

Kane was unconvinced Jasmine had heard the last of Tim but he let it go for now.  "I'm glad I followed you."

She gave him a startled look.  "I thought you just happened to be around again."

"No.  I saw how upset you got in there.  I wanted to make sure you were fine."

"Do you make it a habit of playing hero to damsels in distress?" she teased.

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